UAS Categories

Innovating the Global Air Community


Groups (DoD Classifications)

Although there is no set UAV classification standard, NIM-A refers to The Department of Defense (DoD) UAS Group Classification. The DoD classifies them according to maximum gross takeoff, size, normal operating altitude, and airspeed. The groups support significant functionalities and as UAS technology evolves it will continue to revolutionize the global air community. Below are well-known US UAV's and the groups that each fall under.
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Chinese, US, & Russian UAS By Groups


Classification of the Unmanned Aerial Systems

UAS classifications are loosely broken off into sub-classes that can be identified by their size, range, and group (DoD standard). Below is a table that breaks down UAVs by range:





Endurance Time

Very Low Cost Close-Range UAVS

5 km,
3.10 mi
Spying, Aerial Photography, Biological Warfare 20-45 min
Close-Range UAVs ScanEagle - Close Range UAV

50 km,
31.06 mi
Reconnaissance, Surveillance 1-6 hrs
Short-Range UAVs

<150 km,
93.20 mi
Reconnaissance, Surveillance 8-12 hrs
Mid-Range UAVs

M-1B Predator
650 km,
403.89 mi
Reconnaissance, Surveillance, Gathering Meteorological Data 12 hrs
Endurance UAVs

MQ-9 Reaper
300 km,
186.41 mi
Reconnaissance, Surveillance, Long Distance <36 hrs